Physician Mortgage Loans
We offer physician mortgage loans, which are low down payment or no down payment mortgages available to physicians, dentists, vision professionals and other eligible health or medical professionals. We are also one of the few in the industry, who offer physician home loans for medical residency programs or medical clinical fellowship programs. Physician mortgage loans are in high demand, since they don't require mortgage insurance and are usually higher loan amounts up to 5 Million or higher depending on the location, known as jumbo mortgages or non-conforming loans.
physician mortgage loans
What is a Doctor Loan?
Medical and dental industry
  • No Down Payment  
  • Low Down Payment 
  • No Mortgage Insurance Premiums Required 
  • Student Loan Payments My Not Be Counted in Ratios 
  • Gift Money May Be Allowed 
  • Contract Can Be Used for Income Instead of Paystubs and W2's 
  • Stated Income Programs 
  • Low Doc Programs 
  • Full Doc Programs
Approved Loans
Pending Loans
History of The Doctor Mortgage Loan
The physician or doctor mortgage loan came about years ago from Bank of America who realize there was an untapped market for mortgage origination's due to the fact that over 16,000 new students who studied medicine were graduating from medical school each year or from residency.  The reason why there was no program is due to the fact that this group of people had little money if any at all left from medical school.  However, they were on track to earn large sums of money in the near future and just about all of them would want to become a home owner.  Although they didn't have any money to use as a down payment and had large amounts of debt and no proven or track record of income earnings to qualify for a traditional mortgage loan, this was a market that needed to be served. 
This is when the banking underwriters created a mortgage loan program for an industry with high income earners in the future.  Not only that, but the bank also realized that the default rates were much lower on these loans than the mortgage industry average.  Loans are about risks and the likely hood of paying back and paying on time.  This brought about the physician mortgage loan or doctor mortgage loan.
Physician Mortgage Loans
Mortgage Programs
* Conventional 95% LTV
* Conventional 97% LTV
* Conventional 99% LTV
* 1-Month Bank Statement
* 12-Months Bank Statement
* 24-Months Bank Statement
* Stated Income Only
* No Doc Loans
* W2 to 1099
* FHA 96.5% LTV
* FHA with 550 FICO
* FHA with 500 FICO
* FHA Refinance
* FHA 203K Streamline
* FHA 203K Renovations
* FHA 203H
physician home loans
Mortgage programs
* VA Purchase
* VA Streamline Refinance
* VA Jumbo Loans
* VA Streamline (IRRRL)
* USDA 100% LTV
* USDA Streamline
* USDA Home Improvement Loan
No Income Verification
* Investment Purchase
* Investment Rental
* No Doc Loans
* Hard Money
* Commercial Investment
Reverse Mortgage
* Single Purpose Reverse Mortgage
* Investment Reverse Mortgage
* Proprietary Reverse Mortgage
physician home loans
Mortgage Programs
Specialty Niche Loans
* Home Community
* Puerto Rico Borrower Loan
* Family Ready
* Asset Depletion Loans
* ITIN Non-U.S. Citizen Loan
* Cash Flow Loans
* Condotel Loans
* Land Only Loans
* Super Jumbo Loans 95% LTV
* 1 Day Out of Foreclosure Loans
* 1 Day Out of Bankruptcy Loans
* Fix & Flip Loans/Rehab Loans
* No Credit Score Loans
Foreign National
* Foreign National Full Doc
* Foreign National Stated Income
* Foreign National Investment Only
2nd Mortgage Loans
Fixed and Home Equity Line of Credit
Different Types of Doctor Loan Programs
Doctor and Dentist 
Loan Programs 
Our programs provide Established Doctors & New Doctors (MD, DO, DPM, DDS, or DMD) 
with targeted benefits and simple solutions to meet home financing needs.
Established Physicians and Dentists 
* Finance up to $750,000 with no down payment required when purchasing or refinancing 
– or up to $1.5 million with a low down payment 
* Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)* loans available  
* No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) required
Residents, Fellows & New Physicians 
* Finance up to $750,000 with no down payment required when purchasing a home 
– or up to $1 million with a low down payment  
* Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)* loans available  
* No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) required 
* Refinancing options are available
The Two Plans That You Can Get Behind.
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Billed annually, no set up fee.
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Billed annually, no set up fee.
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Disclaimer & Notice 
After the initial ARM period, it is possible that the borrower's payment may increase substantially over the remaining term of the loan. 
Our New Doctor Loan Program is ideal for licensed Interns, Residents or Fellows in medical residency or scheduled to begin residency within 90 days of closing on a new home, or who have completed residency within the last 12 months and have started working for a hospital or physician group. 
Established Doctor and Dentist Loan Program is ideal for licensed Non-Residents/Interns/Fellows (MD, DO, DPM, DDS or DMD) who are employed with a hospital, dental center or physicians/dental group for more than one year or have been self-employed as a medical doctor or dentist for at least two years. 
Terms and conditions apply. The Doctor and Dentist Loan Program is restricted to primary, owner-occupied residences only. Investment properties, second homes, construction-to-perm and lot loans are ineligible. If the borrower can document that the student loan payment is deferred or in forbearance for at least 12 months after closing, the student loan payment can be excluded from the debt-to-income calculation. 
Loans are subject to credit review and approval of the underwriting department.